New Court Arboretum

New Court Arboretum

The establishment of the arboretum is closely associated with the owner of the Nové Dvůr estate Quido Riedl (1878-1946). During his times in Nové Dvúr (1906-1928) he created a refined landscape park on a moderately sized area of 1,8 hectares, where 500 species and varieties of domestic and exotic wood species were planted. This park became the foundation for today's arboretum and forms the historical...



Mír (Opava)

Wed 1/24/2018 18:00

(Kdo jsou lidé na Hlučínsku)

Hlučínsko museum (Hlučín)

Sat 5/18/2019 12:10

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City Educational Trail

City Educational Trail

Skříň's educational trail leads through the town and integrated municipalities.